the vishuddha creatives

The Vishuddha is the name of the throat chakra in the chakra system. It is known as the center for creativity, truth, and voice among other things. So it was deemed fitting as the name for a space that ideally fosters those things. The atmosphere in the studio is purposefully organized in a way that promotes all these things for the artists and the collectors. As far as the tattoo process is concerned, clientele and artists alike spend a great deal of time in here.

Everything here has an added purpose of collectively instilling a level of comfort and enjoyment. The tattoo experience is one that isn’t easily forgotten so emphasis on it being a positive, beneficial, and, even on occasion, a healing experience is a rather important factor that is often overlooked. The artists are more than happily obligated with the intention of getting the clientele exactly what they need from this place. Next time your in San Diego come see us at the shop in South Park.


Christopher Ryan


I am more than grateful to have the opportunity to work here. I am grateful to get to work with such wonderful clients and friends. I am grateful for my job. Please check out some of my work. I’d love to work with you on a project if you are nice and cool and stuff. Don’t be a jerk. Let’s get rad. Contact me with your ideas if you are serious. Lets make it happen. Simple as that.

Chad Hartgrave


I’ve been making art most of my life, 20 years of tattoo experience and painting for with watercolor for 5 years. Also a musician of 30 plus years, currently bassist and vocals for the San Diego band “Archons” Also an audio engineer and guitar technician. I enjoy tattooing just about anything-although black and grey work is my favorite.

Clayton Llewellyn


I am a tattooer of people, doer of drawings, professor at many colleges in san diego – penniless nonetheless, revelator, driver of vintage vespas, nailbender, hammerswinger, screwturner, bouncer and keeper of the sacred boston terrier. M

Brandon Lee


Student of art, science, and thought. Illustrator, comic nerd, cartoon dork, space cowboy, gore hound, giant robot, human animal.L



Zen - Our shop is predicated on the belief that the tattoo experience should be a positive one.


Always Sterile - Our shop is held to rigid safety and sanitary standards. Clean equipment is our priority.


Appointments - Although we are always happy to talk about your project, we do require appointments.


Originals - Nothing we put on any one’s body comes off the wall. Everything is hand drawn for you.

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